Great product and service descriptions helps your customers make informed buying decisions.

Your prospects can emotionally connect to the product when they find a quick, crisp, engaging and persuasive product brief and introductions. An intuitive product description would not only hook their attention but also influences them to try your product.


We Focus on Quality First!

Content Axis product writers are trained to write precise and relevant descriptions made to convert your website visitors into prospects and customers. Quality of words speaks louder than quantity and too much of repeated information.

The practice of writing attractive descriptions has indeed made our writers nearly perfect in their skills. We focus on making your product sell-able with the power of fewer words they want and have time to read.

Our experience speaks!

Thanks to the ever growing ecommerce and retailer business, we have a decent workforce to handle large scale production with complete focus on the quality. Right from understanding, drafting, editing and final proofreading, the team makes sure that you get a beautifully written content to please both, your audience and search engines.

We have worked on various business verticals from fashion, Baby products, consumer electronics to books, automotive and custom product descriptions. From your website visitors to mighty search engines, the product description we wrote has been on top always.

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